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Cybersecurity is everyone’s business

Businesses and individuals are affected by cyberattacks

He is  wise to try to prevent them and face this reality.


Cybersecurity solutions combining artificial intelligence and Blockchain.


Corporate training to prevent attacks and plan a contingency plan.


Conferences for the general public to learn the essentials of cybersecurity.


Tailor-made consultations for a cybersecurity issue.


Blockchain makes it possible to send a secure message.

Demo Alpha Version


To use the Montreal.IA system:

First, you need to create a Metamask account and a Coinbase account to buy Ethereum.


Then, you can buy a custom agi.eth sub-domain at Montreal.AI (please contact us by mail: info[at] to use the encryption system (or use the free address provided by Metamask).


To use this technology, you need to send a message to a recipient (who also owns an eth sub-domain) by filling in the spaces provided on the site (Recipient Ethereum Address and Send Message). Then press Send.

When you receive the message (Encrypted Message), copy it into the space provided for decryption (Received Encrypted Message). Finally, press Decrypt to read the message.


The decrypted message will appear in the Decrypted Message section.

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